Questions and Answers about Yukigassen

Q: Does every team need their own equipment (helmets, etc.)?
A: The host organization supplies all special equipment required for the tournament, such as: helmets with face shields, player vests, etc. Teams are expected to dress in team uniform.

Q: How many players must there be on a team?
A: At the start, each team must have seven players on the field and a captain. If desired, the captain may play on the field as one of the seven players. The maximum number of players on a team is nine - seven on the field, two substitutes waiting on the sidelines. Also, of the seven players on the field, three must be women.

Q: Is the team flag provided or is it made by the team?
A: The host does not provide the team flag - it must be made by each team itself. The flag requirements are as follows:
Material must be a 50cm by 100cm cloth flag on a 2 meter flagpole